Arq. Israel Diaz

CEO & Founder

Born in the city of León, Guanajuato. Received his diploma of Engineer - Architect in the University of the Valley of Atemajac. (UNIVA) in 2008. (2001-2008) alongside his university studies, collaborates in the office Víctor Díaz Arquitectos in the area of executive project developing commercial, industrial and residential project, in 2006 is integrated as a partner in the firm.

The passion for architecture and a special approach of interpretation leads him to found in 2008 a laboratory of architecture, platform of generating ideas based on the philosophy of transmitting a particular posture; the form follows the function potentialized by its own style.

Laboratory of architecture has the restlessness and the commitment to generate and transmit solutions and transgressive proposals for the contemporary problems of the urban order and the architecture.

In 2009 It form a group of specialists, that as the first step, practises and promotes the union of work reflecting the commitment and the taste for belonging to a responsible company with a social structure and with the inquietude of analyzing what rises from that.

We seek to consolidate ourselves as an innovative offer that integrates new ways of thinking and to do architecture, We study the needs that rise from a very particular idea of the client and we face the process with an own vision of the context of the design, space and function.